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Jun '05

The Growing Popularity Of Sporting Holidays

In 2002 we had the football world cup; in 2003 it was the turn of the rugby world cup; and this year it was the Olympic Games. In between we have had such occasions as the Ryder Cup (golf) and the America’s Cup (yachting/sailing). Essentially there’s something for everyone interested in sport these days. Catering to these big events, with respect to organizing tours, has become a huge business within the travel industry. But, amazingly, these huge global sporting events are simply the tip of a massive iceberg. Sport, nowadays, has become so big that sports orientated holidays have now become a multi-million dollar industry. But, what type of things can you expect from a sporting vacation?

Without doubt, golf has to be one of the biggest sports holiday packages within the travel industry. These days golf enthusiasts fly the world looking for a round of golf. However, really successful golf resorts, like those on the Gold Coast of Australia, in the USA and South Africa, not only offer the golf enthusiast with the opportunity to play a round of golf or two, but also offer other alternative activities for the golfer and his family to get up to. Therefore, many of today’s successful golf resorts will include huge entertainment areas, such as Sun City in South Africa, or casinos, such as in Las Vegas. Indeed, golfing holidays have become such a big industry these days that even Walt Disney is in on the act!

Cycling enthusiasts love to go on cycling holidays. Popular among cycling route holidays are France (and the rest of mainland Western Europe, from Spain to Italy), the USA and even Asia. Whilst you have to have a certain level of stamina, organizing a cycling holiday is fairly straight-forward, even for the novice: and most travel agents have this among their holiday brochure options.

Becoming ever more popular are climbing holidays. Climbing holidays can include the brisk walk among fens and moors, such as in the North of England, to medium mountains, such as Kilimanjaro in Kenya, to the outrageous, as is the case with Mt. Everest (now seen more as a tourist destination than an epic feat!). Whatever the choice may be though, there is little doubt that you would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque and spectacular holiday than whilst climbing some of the world’s best known peaks.

Always popular, sailing holidays around such places as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are now more in demand than ever. As people have become used to the increased exposure to such events as the America’s Cup, sailing has taken off. To meet this demand, many yacht and boat owners today are more than willing to rent out their yachts and boats to the willing and eager tourist.

As you can see from the small sample above then, there is really is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a fun sporting vacation!