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Aug '05

Popular European Holiday Destinations

From early Victorian times, Europeans have enjoyed taking time out during the summer to relax and recharge their batteries in one of Europe’s many scenic and beautiful holiday destinations. If this sounds like just the rest and recuperation you need, why not follow their lead and venture off to one of the following leading European holiday destinations – where the European’s are sure to make you feel right at home:

* Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany is the heart of Italy’s vineyards and wine industry. The province also happens to be one of the most scenic in all of Italy. So, if you feel up for a holiday of country air, as you cycle or drive from scenic village to scenic village, this must be the place for. What’s more, one call to “œpranzo” ‘ the Tuscany traditional midday meal – and you’ll be feeling like Tuscany has been your home for a lifetime! Why not enjoy the warmth and comfort of traditional Italian hospitality, mixed in with a healthy appreciation of Tuscany wine in the evening. It really isn’t hard to see why so many Europeans elect to spend a few weeks roaming around this grand Italian countryside.

* Connemara, Western Ireland
The area in and around Connemara in Western Ireland is widely considered to be some of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Consequently this part of Europe sees a large number of Europeans on walking and hiking tours. Whilst you are in this historical part of Ireland, you’ll also have the chance to take in both the town of Westport and Clew Bay. Located not too far away from these is Croagh Patrick, where St. Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland) is said to have fasted in prayer for 40 days and 40 nights. A tour of the resort towns of Western Ireland is more than a mere holiday, it’s a calling – a coming home – regardless of where you are from. You’ll also find the Irish to be very hospital people who offer plenty of fun and entertainment.

* Disneyland, Paris
Walking tours of the resort towns of Ireland and bike tours of Tuscany are not for all, and a tour to Disneyland, Paris is more inline with the traditional modern holiday. As it happens, this popular European destination has some of the famous attractions found at other Disney resorts, such as Space Mountain, but also contains some of its very own home-grown attractions. Its close proximity to Paris centre also provides you with the perfect opportunity to spend some time in one of the world’s most romantic cities as you take in the atmosphere of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees. Disneyland, Paris has a wide selection of good hotels that make this a good choice for those of you travelling with young children. Great, traditional, fun!

* Venice, Italy
A trip on one of the famous gondolas in Venice, Italy must rank as one of the most romantic activities to do in the world. However, Venice is so much more than gondolas; it has the historic St. Mark’s Square, the Accadmia Galleries -showcasing some of the world’s finest Venetian paintings- and its very own Mardi Gras! With a vast range of accommodation available in the city – from some of the most exclusive and expensive 5-star hotels to the family run pensions, a holiday in Venice, Italy is a fantastic way to unwind from the stresses of modern day life with the one you love.

* Iceland
You may well be wondering how Iceland can work its way into a list of popular European vacation destinations. The truth is it’s not popular unless you’ve been there or heard of it: but it is included in this list because Iceland is the up and coming place to visit in Europe! Home to some of the finest examples of natural beauty in the world, more and more European’s and now going out of their way to spend some time in the resort towns along its rich coastline. Whilst here, you’ll have the perfect to chance to see why Iceland is known as the “œLand of Fire and Ice” – there are literally hundreds of samples of black lava and active volcanoes, as well ice glaciers and snow-capped mountains. So, if a holiday in one of the world’s oldest, newest, destination resort sounds like it may be just the ticket for you why not check this place out, before all your friends discover it before you do!